Tips for improving your productivity in all aspects of life.

Work-Life balance, is not only a hot topic, but its also important for individuals for their sustenance and 
improving productivity in every aspect of life. 

For most of us, finding a work-life balance between the time spent on a demanding career and ever-so-
important personal life is an ongoing challenge. Technology, with all its positive aspects, has added to the 
trouble by making working professionals accessible around the clock.
In a scenario like this, achieving the elusive ‘work-life balance’ can often feel like an impossible feat. So, 
in today’s ‘do more with less’ competitive world, how can work for professional management careers and 
families? Following are some handy and easy-to-adopt tips to help you find the balance that’s just right for

This is the most important tip. It defines not only your day at work but also your life. So, simply start by 
identifying what and who is essential in your life and draw some firm boundaries to devote quality time to t
hese high-priority people and activities.
This identification and boundaries will make it easier for you to see what needs to be trimmed from the 
busy schedule. If social media surfing sends you into a time-wasting spiral, try using some productivity s
oftware or just try devoting limited time to them each day.
Or if you feel that your time gets gobbled up, almost every day, by indulging in some less constructive 
conversations then find ways to excuse yourself and limit these interactions politely. In other words, try 
and focus on the people and activities that reward you the most.

Exercise & meditate
No matter how busy our lives become, we make time for critical things in life. We eat, we sleep, we party 
and even watch Netflix. And yet exercise is often the first thing to go for a toss when our calendars fill up. 
But as per various research and experts, exercise is one of the effective stress busters for people looking to strike a healthy work-life balance.
It pumps ‘feel-good’ endorphins in your body, lifts your mood and even reflects positively in your office 
work. Therefore, start dedicating a few hours a week to ‘self-love’ in the form of yoga, exercise or meditation.

Make quality time true quality time!
No matter what stage of your career you are at, it’s imperative to know when you should shut your phone 
off and enjoy the moment. This also holds relevance when you are at work, and personal issues throw you 
off balance. Try to live in the moment and make it a point to schedule time with your family and friends, 
activities that will help you rewind and recharge.
While most people believe in making plans over the weekend, fit in a family or friends outing during the 
week. If you have plans with your families on your calendar, you’ll have something to look forward to and
 it will act as an extra incentive to manage your time well at work.

Start small
We’ve all at some point in time said to ourselves: I’m going to touch my target weight of 55 from 85 today.
 Will go for a run from zero miles a day to five miles a day. Spend all the weekends with family from none 
today. But do we really do that? Our obvious guess is no.
Therefore it’s important to start small. Start by 1 kg a week, one mile a day and one evening a week. In 
order to achieve the ideal work-life balance, start by taking some baby steps and experience some success 
and failures. Stand up again and build from there!

Another added tip is to choose an ideal coworking space which helps in following a no stress workplace. 
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