Why Grit HAL post COVID?

Grit HAL is an upcoming shared workspace for rent in one of the preferred office locations in Bangalore for startups and big companies alike.

In this article, we highlight the relevance of a uniquely designed furnished office space like Grit HAL for freelancers, recruitment firms, micro, small and medium businesses in post COVID world

1) Need for private spaces more than ever: Grit HAL offers multitude of fully furnished private office options on rent for varied team sizes between 3 and 130. A private access to an office allows businesses to restrict entry, minimize touch points with other companies, and also install independent thermal scanners if need be so.

2) Tremendous flexibility to rightsize teams in keeping with the market conditions: We understand businesses need to scale up or downsize in resonance with the market conditions. Continuous rightsizing is the need of the hour. Now, more than ever, businesses need this flexibility to match their infrastructure costs with their growth at their will. The ZERO Lock In option in our lease agreements enables our tenants to change the number of seats they need to occupy quickly and without any costs.

3) Need to use cash wisely: Businesses of all sizes need to use their cash reserves wisely and undertake capital expenditures selectively. An investment into a depreciating asset - such as fit outs - has a huge opportunity cost as the same cash could be used to build products and services, hire exceptional people and thereby build an organization that outlasts crises. By renting an inexpensive office at Grit, our occupiers not only save massively on the capital expenditures upfront and annual depreciation but also the mental and physical hassles of readying up their own offices.

4) Need to increase runway: Conserving cash runway is the demand of the time, and our occupiers can cut infrastructure costs significantly by occupying a workspace at Grit.  We have priced our spaces in such a way that it would always be expensive for a tenant to move in to his/her own office than to simply rent one of our offices.

5) Great flexibility to relocate whenever you want: Grit is one community, and we are expanding our presence within and across cities. In the future, our occupiers will be able to switch/move freely between any of our centers without any frictions (subject to availability). If you were in MG Road and you need to move to Whitefield because you bagged a big client, you would not even have to think twice. Just wrap up your stuff at MG Road and show up at Whitefield. As simple as that!