Private Cabins - 3 seaters to 12 seaters in HAL near Indiranagar, EGL & Domlur.

Grit coworks HAL is a cowork space which can carter to Indiaranagar, EGL, Domlur and its close companies like Intel, DELL, Ola, Goldman Sachs, PWC, Fidelity, JP Morgan, HCL etc.
Sure you only think of hitting up Indiranagar & HAL for a night out or some fancy food, but some of us also work here, OK. In fact, it is quite popular as a location to set up an office in (in spite of traffic and parking woes). But what if you’re a startup team or a freelancer in search of a quiet workspace to escape the noise of cafes? While it might not be a startup hub like its neighbouring Koramangala, Indiranagar has its share of co-working spaces. From flexible desk options to customised cabins, high-speed Wi-Fi to networking opportunities, these hotspots will sort you out.

We have availability of different kinds of private cabins from small 3 seaters to big 12 seaters. There are big open coworking areas. There is a mini-library. Also there are spaces for meetings, conference and meetups. Know more.

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